Custom Actions

Business process automation on demand with prebuilt workflows you can initiate manually.

NITRO Custom Actions provide business process automation on demand. Custom Actions share many of the same data processing features as NITRO Workflows such as item creation and updates, sending emails, running scripts and web services, however custom actions are triggered manually by pressing a button in the Display Form, List View or selecting the action from an Edit Control Block, rather than automatically as they are in Workflows. Custom Action processes can be performed for a single item or multiple items, depending on how they are configured.


  • Item-level actions – Create, Update or Copy Item(s) to another list
  • Send emails
  • Upload and generate documents
  • Run scripts and web services
  • Run NITRO workflows
  • Update multiple items in a single click
  • Use conditions to add logic or restrict actions
  • Enable action control through user permissions
  • Display customized actions in Item ribbon
  • Allows both auto-update and user manual input on an action
  • Customize messages to show when action fails