Email Sync

Connect an exchange or O365 mailbox with a SharePoint list and convert emails to list items.

Email Sync creates a connection between an Exchange or Office 365 mailbox and a SharePoint list. Emails sent to the specified mailbox are converted to SharePoint list items. The emails can come from internal users or external customers.

Another use is with a web form where users or customers enter information; the web form then sends an email to the mailbox with the form data, where it is converted to a SharePoint list item.


  • Emails sent to a designated Exchange server or Office 365 mailbox are converted to list items
  • Multiple mailboxes can create items in the same SharePoint list
  • Filters can be used to block emails, such as spam or from certain domains
  • Used in many applications to convert emails from users or customers to tickets, requests, tasks, leads, etc.
  • Can use any Exchange or Office 365 mailbox
  • Allows precise mapping of email fields to columns in the SharePoint list
  • Filters can be used to determine which emails are converted