Design and implement customized forms in SharePoint and Office 365

NITRO Forms gives you the power to design and implement customized forms in SharePoint and Office 365. These highly functional forms provide an attractive and useful interface for creating, editing, and viewing list items. NITRO Forms allow you to create the forms you need, with many features and capabilities that give you control over how data is displayed and how user input is handled.

NITRO Forms can replace InfoPath forms. With InfoPath being deprecated, NITRO Forms provide one of the most viable solutions for moving off InfoPath.

NITRO Forms provide a WYSIWYG forms designer where you can easily create your forms with drag-and-drop controls. The forms designer has options for tabs, sections, themes, action buttons, scripting, permissions, and many other features. It gives you the ability to create forms that will help your business run more efficiently and effectively.


  • Customize the new, edit and display forms of SharePoint lists
  • Create tabs and collapsible sections in the forms for data organization
  • Dynamically hide or disable columns and groups depending on complex conditions
  • Define complex validations on columns based on conditions
  • Set required columns in the forms
  • Filter lookup field values based on user or another lookup value
  • Replace InfoPath forms with NITRO Forms
  • Automatically populate data related to a selected lookup value
  • Configure associated columns in forms
  • Automatically populate logged in user details in form
  • Customize look and feel of forms
  • Highly configurable and easy to use
  • Add custom actions and scripting to forms
  • Add custom CSS and custom JavaScript to forms