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NITRO Portal

An employee portal providing an engaging & secure interface for users to interact with a SharePoint application.

An employee portal is a site in the site collection. It consists of UI elements that display data and allow the end users to interact with one or more applications.

The employee portal site itself does not contain the application. Instead, it contains the forms and other UI elements that display and work with data from application sites. The forms and other elements of the portal are connected to the data source (the application site in SharePoint) after the portal is created. The application site(s) must be in the same site collection as the portal.

In this way, the end users can interact with SharePoint applications with a friendly, engaging interface while also being isolated from accessing the application site directly. This provides a secure way for end users to use the application.


  • Customize the new, edit and display forms of SharePoint lists
  • A secure and responsive interface for users of an application in SharePoint
  • Design intuitive forms for users to fill out
  • Customizable Branding
  • Connects to any SharePoint list within the Site Collection