Version Log

Running log of updates and enhancements to NITRO Studio.


v1.1.0.55 – Release: 04-17-2019
  • Reports: New Feature – Multi-series charts


v1.1.0.54 – Release: 04-10-2019
  • NITRO Forms: Advanced settings in the column right panel (Lookup, Associated Item, Form Event Actions etc.)
  • NITRO List View: Added button to refresh items
  • Update: In NITRO Apps settings, do not show personal list views anywhere
  • NITRO Forms: Added Form height options when opened in dialog: Dynamic (default behavior) and Full Screen. This is done to stop height changes and scroll bar movement when columns are shown/hidden due to dynamic permissions


v1.1.0.53 – Release: 04-04-2019
  • Custom Action: New feature to Invoke MicroSoft Flow


v1.1.0.52 – Release: 04-01-2019
  • Support for Calculated Columns in Condition builder used in various NITRO Apps
  • Remove Hidden List views from all NITRO Apps
  • Bug fix: NITRO Forms UI to be responsive when invoked as part of Custom Actions
  • Bug fix: Branding issue in SharePoint 2019 default theme (Office)
  • Bug fix: Check-in the file on uploading a new file in document libraries using NITRO Form


v1.1.0.51 – Release: 03-25-2019
  • Reports – add more chart types – Donut, Radar Line, Radar Area, RadarColumn, Stacked Areas, Stacked Bars and Stacked Columns
  • Document Library Support in NITRO Apps
            – Email Manager – Print Manager
            – Conditional Formatting
            – Custom Actions
            – Send Mail Action
            – Mail Templates


v1.1.0.50 – Release: 03-19-2019
  • Bug fix: Custom Actions – managed MetaData issue in SharePoint 2013 Foundation


v1.1.0.49 – Release: 03-15-2019
  • NITRO Forms: Tab/Section color and icon setting in designer


v1.1.0.48 – Release: 03-13-2019
  • Custom Actions – managed MetaData support in action


v1.1.0.47 – Release: 03-11-2019
  • List View Enhancements
          – Show Views as Tabs
          – Show Grid Lines
          – Enable Row Filtering
          – Row Alternate Color
          – Links List Support
  • Bug fix: lookup column data list not exist(deleted).
  • Reports drill-down support on full date
  • Tiles and Arc – added setting for panel background color


v1.1.0.46 – Release: 03-08-2019
  • Custom Actions- upload document action
  • Added option to show folder picker dialog
  • Bug fix: Library threshold limit exceed issue – while upload file in specific folder.
v1.1.0.45 Release: 03-01-2019
  • NITRO On-premises – added Active Directory Connection settings in NITRO configuration page
  • NITRO Form and List View – option to disable specific conditional formatting configurations (both Modern UI and Classic)
  • Bug fix: Send Mail Custom Action – empty mail body issue if mail body contains version enabled multi-line column
  • Enable email history option in Send Mail Custom Action for on-premises SharePoint NITRO Studio
v1.1.0.44 – Release: 02-28-2019
  • NITRO Forms – added feature for nested tabs and sections in forms
  • NITRO Forms – support for 3 and 4 columns option in form layout
  • List View – added support for Linked Items Columns and Conditional Formatting in both Classic and Modern UI
  • NITRO Application Setup – update SharePoint list properties – quick edit enable/disable
  • Tiles – added body font setting in Linked Tiles
v1.1.0.39-43 – Release: 02-19-2019
  • NITRO Apps – added List View App for SharePoint Classic UI site
  • NITRO Forms – added feature for external data based Columns (SQL data)
  • List Rollup – open dialog in classic page if NITRO Forms are not supported for that List (e.g. Calendar list)
  • Modern UI – bug fix in List Rollup and List view related to opening the forms in correct modal dialog
v1.1.0.36-38 – Release: 02-07-2018
  • Linked Tiles – added support for Permissions and Tile Preview UI
  • List Search – added permissions on filters
  • NITRO Forms – Lookup Settings – added option to “open edit form after file upload” for document libraries
  • NITRO Forms – big fix for redirect issue after form submission


v1.1.0.30-35 – Release: 01-21-2018
  • NITRO Forms
              – New feature: Column Group permissions
  • Linked Items
              – Asset Document Library support
              – Option to open edit properties form for document libraries
              – License check for on-premises SharePoint solution
  • Conditional Formatting Column
               – License check for on-premises SharePoint solution
  • Custom Actions
               – Added Delete Item action
               – Generate Document action
                     – Added action in on-premises SharePoint
                     – Upload file in specific folder
              – Added business hours function in Column Mapping
              – Action Completion message
  • Modern UI
              – Branding enhancements